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:: Number 29 (January - April 2018)


From its origins Latin America has faced diverse adversities imposed internationally as well as nationally. In light of this economic, political and social situation, various academics who espouse a critical view of conventional theoretical discourse as well as reality, have made analytical and theoretical efforts to raise alternatives to the process of social, economic,



Money, State and transformation of capitalism:
A perspective and post-Marxist agenda
Alain Parguez

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Dependency and neoliberalism
in Latin America and Mexico
José Francisco Reyes

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Credit, underdevelopment and stagnation:
a chronic of the Brazilian recession
Monika Meireles

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NAFTA in agriculture in Mexico:
23 years of abuse
Roberto Escalante Semerena
Fernando González

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Social sciences in the Latin American university
Samuel Lichtensztejn

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