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:: Number 34 (September - December 2019)


Dominant mainstream economics, both in theory and in economic policy, has prevented, through various mechanisms, the exploration of alternatives emerging from the Great Recession; it is this current of thought, together with the powerful financial sector, which created the conditions for the 2007-2008 crisis, and which apparently continue to impose solutions whose inconsistencies have already been proven.

In the present installment, issue 34 of www.olafinanciera.unam.mx, various academics critically analyze several subjects to verify, from theoretical perspectives at different levels, that the recidivism in the methods of the dominant theory, have not been able to find a way out of post-crisis financial fragility. It is thus revealed that the great financial interests that dominate the landscape are the only ones that have benefited, while societies in general, in both developed and emerging countries have been condemned to pay the consequences. The social and economic costs are evident in higher unemployment, worse wages and deplorable jobs, increasingly precarious living conditions with deteriorated public services, especially in health and education, etc.

One of the countries that has seen these conditions has been Mexico; a space where dominant strategies have had powerful negative effects. A dramatic example is the automotive industry, focused mainly on exports, based on low wages, and dominated by foreign capital that has been oriented more towards financial markets than material production, accelerating the vulnerability of the large numbers of workers in this industry.

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