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:: Number 35 (January - April 2020)


The period of neoliberalism was promoting a series of actions and mechanisms that imposed the acceleration and deepening of globalization. Among those impositions was a specific type of monetary policy that outlined and purged an obsession against inflation that included fiscal balance, that is, the serious danger of public spending and deficits, almost a religion; dangers that according to the discourse were exorcised since the 2007 crisis.



Quo Vadis Monetary Policy since the Global Financial Crisis and What Needs to Be Done?
Mario Seccareccia

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Pension system in Mexico. A bubble about to burst
Teresa Lizeth Alanis Gutiérrez
Roberto Soto Esquivel

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Rural poverty and vulnerability 2008-2018. Impact of money transfers on rural poverty
Selene Gaspar Olvera
Rodolfo García Zamora

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Bolivianization, basic causes and propagation mechanisms in the rescue of monetary sovereignty
Antonio Mendoza Hernández
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The Indian pharmaceutical industry in contemporary capitalism
Jesús Sosa

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Theoretical controversies about finance in contemporary Marxism: financialization, interest-bearing capital and fictitious capital
Giovanni Villavicencio

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