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:: Number 37 (September - December 2020)


The theoretical debate behind economic policies has generally taken as a starting viewpoint the state of business, which fatefully ends in crisis. This situation is considered to be an anomaly; almost fallen from heaven, things will improve when the recovery cycle begins, which is invariably believed to come very soon. However, in reality, the markets solution is not the way out of crises, as can be seen starkly with the enormous new difficulties that the pandemic has produced throughout the world.



Latin America: towards a period of weak growth and COVID-19
Gregorio Vidal

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Employment, unemployment and Covid-19 pandemic: India
Jesús Sosa

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A Note on Technology, Skill Formation,
and Economic Instability
Cyrus Bina

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Financialization in large Argentine companies:
The Pampa Energía group (2004-2019)
Leandro Ezequiel Navarro Rocha

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